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Lakeland Terrier

February 14, 2022

Today’s animal is the Lakeland Terrier. The original intention for breeding these terriers was to chase away the foxes that preyed on sheep. The ancient residents of Northern England’s Lake District attest how helpful the Lakeland Terrier was, particularly during the lambing season.

Modern Lakeland Terriers are lively, affectionate, friendly, and self-confident dogs. They have high energy and exercise needs, but their small size assists them in adapting to apartment living. 

Here is additional information that will increase your knowledge about the Lakeland Terrier.

The Adaptability of the Lakeland Terrier

  • The Lakeland Terrier can adapt to inconsistent routines. It adjusts excellently to apartment living.
  • It is relatively sensitive, but it can still manage a noisy and chaotic household.
  • One thing the breed cannot tolerate is being alone. This breed worries and panics when its owner is away.

Health and Grooming Needs

  • The Lakeland Terrier sheds a lot of hair, so be prepared for dog hair in your home. 
  • Your Lakeland Terrier will require regular baths and nail clipping to stay healthy. 
  • Unfortunately, this breed is prone to genetic illnesses such as hip dysplasia.

The Physical Needs of Lakeland Terrier

  • These terriers have a high energy level; they’re always ready for action!
  • Because of their high energy, they need a sufficient amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • The Lakeland Terrier does everything with vigor. It plows through obstacles and eats food with great gulps.
  • It has a great potential for playfulness, and it is always begging for games.
  • If you have a backyard, a sturdy high fence is essential in preventing the Lakeland Terrier from roaming and wild chasing.


  1. Sara J Hayes

    I have been looking for another small dog. I have an 11 pnd. Terrier/pug mix with energy. She is turning 8 in May and want another dog so mine can help train another. I know my dog still has few years but I know she gets bored. I put my Labrador down May of 2020, due to age 14. I dog have big fenced area out back for when I had Labradors.

  2. Don Bingham

    The picture looks like my Airedale Terrier


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