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Green Tree Frog

November 15, 2021

The American green tree frog is a popular pet that is the state amphibian for Georgia and Louisiana. Here are some facts about the green tree frog:

Kingdom: Animalia

Size: two and a half inches long; medium

Color: Varies from a shade of bright yellowish-olive to bright green depending on the light or temperature

Where do they live: South Eastern and Central

Habitat: swamps, lakes, streams, grasses, and floating vegetation

Food: flies, worms (wax, red, meal), crickets


  • Frogs do not drink water with their mouths. Water is absorbed through their skin.
  • Frogs come together during the breeding season to eat. Large groups of frogs like this are called an army.
  • A green tree frog’s mating call can be heard 73 times a minute.
  • A female tree frog can produce 700 to 1200 eggs.
  • They have a certain sound of call that is just for rain. The green tree frog is referred to as a rain predictor.
  • Green tree frogs breathe from their skin, so handling the frog should be done occasionally. Whatever is on your hands when you touch the frog will be absorbed into the frog. Frequent handling is not recommended, so the green tree frog won’t get sick.


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