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December 8, 2021

During a day on the lake, you see many different birds gliding along the water. You watch one dive to catch a fish. Is it a goose? No, it must be a duck. Or is it a swan? Even people who spend a lot of time around water birds can have a hard time telling these different species apart.

A goose is a bird that lives near ponds, lakes, and other small bodies of water all over the world. They have webbed feet, short legs, large bodies, and long necks.

A goose is bigger than a duck. They have longer necks and shorter bills. Swans are even larger. A swan also typically has a thinner neck with a more hooked shape than a goose.

Fun Facts about the Goose

  • The plural of goose is geese.
  • Babies are called goslings.
  • There’s no official term for a female goose, but they are sometimes called dames.
  • A male goose is called a gander.
  • There are dozens of types of geese worldwide.
  • Geese build their nests near the shores of lakes and ponds.
  • They build wide, flat nests from leaves, branches and feathers.
  • A female goose will nest in the same spot each year.
  • If a goose becomes injured, other geese will stay with it until it dies or can rejoin the flock.
  • Geese mate for life.
  • They make a loud honking sound and will often chase people or pets.
  • Some geese migrate, but others live in the same place year-round.
  • They’re vegetarians. They eat berries, stems, seeds, roots, and grass.



    Love the information about Geese! Thanx You.

  2. Lance Cabados

    I love the way this site covers some of the most interesting facts about wildlife. Tho a lot of it is trivial, but it’s all informative and fun facts to know. So when I talk on a topic, at least I like to know what I’m talking about !!

  3. Marlene Mueller

    I liked the last comment.

  4. Voncille Williams

    Great info!!!!!!

  5. Kimmie

    Love “Animal Of The Day!” I’m a true animal lover and always look forward to any interesting facts or information you have to share! You never disappoint! Thanks for such a great site!! Kimmie ????????????????????

    • Animal Of The Day

      Thank you Kimmie – It makes it a lot easier to do what we do on a Monday when we get positive feedback like tis!

  6. Jeanne Bender

    This site is my favorite and I never miss it . Thanks for all the great information. The world would be less if it weren’t for animals.

  7. P M

    …and they are delicious, too…!!!

    • Carol

      We all could Just Enjoy Beauty, of these magnificent birds!!! Many delicious plant base foods, are here to stay! Changing and trying plant base foods comes with healthier decisions, with this decision you Now saved another living, breathing animal!!!

  8. Sepi

    Animals are such a blessing in this cruel world????


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