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Edible Frog

March 15, 2022

The edible frog is also referred to as a green frog or common water frog. Edible frogs are commonly found all over central Europe. This frog species lives around woodland swamps and ponds. Unfortunately, as land is developed, edible frogs lose their habitat. 


  • These frogs are most known for their long legs and a streamlined body. 
  • Length: 1.9in – 4.7in (5cm – 11cm )
  • Weight: 0.17oz – 0.4oz (5g – 12g)
  • Edible frogs have permeable skin that can be brown, tan, green or black. 

10 Fun Facts about Edible Frogs

  1. The name “edible” was first adopted in 1758. Edible frogs are known for culinary delicacy in France, especially for their legs, which are often served as a national dish
  2. The edible frog is one of the fewest animals globally that are a mix of two different types of species. It is a hybrid of the marsh frog and the pool frog.
  3. Edible frogs are known for Guarding the muddy banks!
  4. The adult edible frogs prey on insects, spiders, and moths. Their tadpoles mainly eat vegetation, but they also supplement their diet with aquatic microorganisms.
  5. Their predators include cats, birds and foxes. 
  6. The edible frog is different from other frog species as they are diurnal.
  7. Female edible frogs can lay up to 10,000 eggs. 
  8. They can live 5-15 years. 
  9. This small amphibian can attain a top speed of 5 mph.
  10.  Edible frogs are pretty solitary creatures. They become independent immediately after hatching and don’t spend time in colonies or groups.


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