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Eastern Bluebird

December 24, 2021

The Eastern Bluebird is a migratory bird found in North America. This small animal lives in open country, in areas with sparsely covered ground. They’re a fan favorite with bird watchers due to the bright blue and rust-colored plumage. It makes them easy to spot in the wild.

Characteristics And Behavior

They perch on fence posts and wires, looking over open fields. They have excellent eyesight, capable of spotting prey from 60 or more feet away. Eastern Bluebirds fly close to the ground, moving fast but in a distinctive way.

They prefer putting their nests in naturally formed cavities, boxes, or artificial spaces like bird-houses.


Eastern Bluebirds are often found in agricultural fields, parks, golf courses, along pastures, and in some cases, suburban backyards. Their original habitat included forest openings, pine savannas, and open woods.


Their diet consists of ground insects. They are fond of caterpillars, spiders, beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers. Eastern Bluebirds consume plenty of fruit during the autumn and winter seasons, such as blueberries, juniper berries, black cherries, mistletoe, and wild holly. In some rare cases, they consume lizards, snakes, shrews, and tree frogs.

More on Eastern Bluebirds

  • Male bluebirds sing with their beaks shut.
  • They are very social birds but very territorial too.
  • Male bluebirds provide nesting material, but it’s the female that builds the nest.
  • They are omnivores and are fond of mealworms.
  • Eastern Bluebirds prefer hovering to pick up food rather than landing like other birds.
  • They are agile fliers, capable of catching insects mid-air.


  1. Arline Ritz

    So what does it mean if you dream about a bluebird??

  2. Dixie

    Very interesting info ! Thank you !

  3. Havava

    Dreaming with them means you will meet a very depressed person like, i had blue hair.. but then I was also a very quiet and sad person but I got on birth control and I got more depressed and I changed my hair color to a natural one and then my boyfriend broke up with me before Valentine’s Day now im more blue.. so it means you will get broken up with soon.

  4. Carl

    My Dad loved bluebirds. He made some 100+ bluebird houses, crafting them to the finest detail, including a metal-protected bore hole so larger birds couldn’t invade the nest. Whatever he did, it was successful because every one of these houses has had residents each year. I remember feeling the pain of his passing in 2018. I came home from his funeral feeling like something huge was missing from my life, something that will never be around, again. Wanting to be by myself, I took a walk up the hill behind our house and along our hedgerows into our lower fields. And I saw so many bluebirds, darting in and about the low branches, making their quick dip-and-ups, watching me but not fleeing. I knew then, that Dad was there in a clearer way, at a higher level, than I ever knew before. I know, now, that we don’t pass, we rise.


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