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Dunker Dog

February 23, 2022

A Dunker is a medium-sized scent dog that’s been around since the 19th century. The Dunker is similar to the single-region hunting dogs.

The Dunker’s few numbers have kept them scarce in their home of origin. Therefore, unlike the Beagle that won the hearts of millions, the Dunker is nearly unknown worldwide.

Here are interesting facts that will increase your knowledge about the Dunker.

The Appearance of a Dunker

  • The Dunker is medium in size.
  • A male Dunker is 50 to 55 cm tall, while a female is 47 to 53 cm tall.
  • It weighs between 11 to 18kg.
  • The standard colors of Dunker dogs are white, blue, black, merle, and brown.

The Temperament of a Dunker Dog

Dunkers are mild-mannered and affectionate. These dogs are also a bit free-spirited, so you’ll want to give adequate time to train them. 

The Lifespan of a Dunker

The lifespan of a Dunker is influenced by its size, breed, and health conditions. The Dunker dog cannot live with you forever. But the quality of care you give it can prolong or reduce its lifespan. The small-sized Dunkers can live for up to 17 years; the medium dunkers can live for 15 years. The large Dunkers can live up to a maximum of 10 years.

Health Issues and Symptoms

Fortunately, the Dunker is not hypoallergenic, but you need to give it excellent care. Routine visits to the vet will help prevent and treat disease symptoms.

The Grooming Needs of a Dunker

The Dunker is a low-maintenance dog. But it needs excellent grooming to be happy and healthy. You should plan on brushing and combing your Dunker’s hair to remove loose hair and prevent knots. Regular brushing also helps spread the natural skin oils to promote a healthy coat.


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    Where can I get a Dunker Dog?

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    Trever. He retives


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