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Doberman Pinscher

November 16, 2021

Dobermans have an established reputation as excellent guard dogs due to their large size, athletic build, keen intelligence, and devoted personality. The Doberman breed was created by a 19th-century German tax collector who needed the perfect dogs to help protect him as he went about his rounds. 

The Doberman breed quickly gained a reputation for both their noble appearance as well as their performance as working dogs. They are energetic dogs who thrive in family environments with daily exercise and play. However, it is important to begin socializing Dobermans from puppyhood to avoid aggression or destructive behaviors.

Physical Traits

  • Height: 26-28 inches at shoulder (Male), 24-26 inches at shoulder (Female)
  • Weight: 75-100 pounds (Male), 60-90 pounds (Female)
  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

Breed Care

  • Energetic and Playful – Dobermans are vigorous dogs and have plenty of energy for active families. Daily walks and lively play times are a must.
  • Affectionate and Protective with Family – Dobermans are great family dogs and love children. This breed is a great companion and protector for children.
  • Obedient and Easily Trained – Dobermans are intelligent and want to please their owners. Harsh training methods should be avoided.
  • Low Grooming – A weekly brushing is all the Doberman needs to keep their coat beautiful.
  • Consistent Diet – Dobermans do best with a consistent diet, so avoid frequently switching dog food brands, and do not share people food.


  1. Karen

    Are Mini Pinchers part of the Doberman family?
    We adopted one from the Humane So she has turned out to be a gem. Sweet, affectionate, excellent protector and watch dog, loves to run the beach, play fight with other dogs, go on car rides with head out the window, smart as she learned to hunt crabs from her brother not related a King Charles Spaniel Mix. Her brother not a rescue dog, hunted crab but when he lost sight In one eye due to cataracts, she would put crab under his nose as it tried to run away after coming out of their sand holes. We can’t say enough good things about our Lexi 4 years old now. Just wondering.

  2. Eva Johnson

    I would love to have to female Doberman

  3. Kelly

    I love this breed of animals, and I am on a list currently for a red male with a very reputable breeder in my hometown. I also work for the tax collector in my county and I am up against a lot of opposition due to fraudulent activity in misappropriation of governing by our local tax collector


    We’ve had / rescued/ bred / adopted /sponsored both European and American Dobermans.

    For high energy American-Family/companion Dobies, think sleek Greyhound…

    For hard-working ULTRA high energy Euro-dobies, think boxy Rottweiler!

    it is a real and definite contrast both in shape and personality…

  5. Karen

    We rescued a female doberman when she was just 8 weeks old. She turned out to be one of the best dogs we ever had! She was very smart, loved to play and go on walks and was super affectionate. Her bark and her look could easily intimidate people but she was a gentle love bug for the family.
    I would highly recommend a doberman if you have the time to exercise and play with them.

    Miss you Stella!


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