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December 21, 2021

Boxskys are a combination of Boxer and Siberian Husky, giving them a unique and beautiful look. 


  • Boxskys bodies can range from medium to large, with a weight range of 35-75 pounds and a height range of 20-35 inches.
  • They strongly resemble boxer dogs and have brown eyes but can also have the stunning eyes of a Siberian husky.
  • Boxskys can have a range of different coats, including black and white, tan or fawn.
  • Ears can be floppy or erect.
  • The coat is short, with little maintenance required.


  • Boxskys are highly energetic and require a substantial amount of exercise. This dog is recommended for significantly active people
  • Boxskys are cautious canines that serve as tremendous guard dogs. It is important to have them socialized at an early age so that they form positive associations with other animals and humans.
  • These dogs are recommended for families but not ones with very young children as their energy levels may be too much to handle

This active ball of joy will keep you laughing for years to come. As long as they are socialized young, given plenty of exercises each day and shown lots of love and attention, you will have the dog of your dream!


  1. Valerie M.

    Stop showing mixes of mutts. I’m a dog trainer and people do not need to spend money on a designer breed. This mix of breed would be a nightmare for people to handle and most would end up in the shelter. We already have tons of mutts on the kill shelters we don’t need to add to it. This is very irresponsible.

    • Thomas Stange

      Tend to agree. Find a mutt in a shelter and don’t promote the breeds that are only for money.

  2. Walt

    I have a Boxsky that I rescued from a shelter. I had no idea what she was until I had a DNA test done on her.

    She’s a great dog, but if she’s bored she gets destructive and chews things up. She loves her walks in the woods. Super high energy. Also, she sheds massively every day.

  3. Dana

    This is not an AKC Standard breed. So to state that appearance and temperament are true or consistent is false as the cross breeding combination is not one of genetic outcome consistence. Please don’t mislead potential dog owners into thinking any of those things stated are what they would receive!

  4. Dennis W Homolka

    while valerie M. may be correct, this is my first time looking at your site, and Im facinated by the combination. My daughter has a labradoodle, and he is a great dog after lots of training. Valarie, I live out in the country and not a day goes by without someone dumping an unwanted dog out here. at one time we had five and didnt have to go anywhere to get them. Im of the belief no matter what the breed, if your irresponsible, you shouldnt get a pet period!


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