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Bearded Dragon

March 1, 2022

Bearded dragons sound fearsome, but they are famous lizards reared as pets in the UK. The Bearded Dragon has gained internet sensation after a picture of it smiling was posted on social media.

The scientific name of the Bearded Dragon is Pogona, but people affectionately call them beardies. The Bearded Dragons get their name from their ability to puff and flare out the skin below their throats. The skin of these reptiles darkens to a black color that resembles a beard. This final look gives them defense against dangerous predators.

Here is additional information that will enhance your understanding of the Bearded Dragon.

Interesting Facts about the Bearded Dragon:

  • Bearded Dragons are originally from Australia.
  • A Bearded Dragon has a lifespan of 10 years when taken care of properly.
  • They display a unique behavior of waving and bobbing their heads. The behavior is rampant during the mating season as it signifies being territorial.
  • The Bearded Dragon is an omnivore that eats fruits, insects, and vegetables.
  • It uses its short tongue to catch and eat worms and crickets. The short tongue is equally essential in eating natural food.
  • The Bearded Dragon can feed on a processed diet bought from food stores. But you may need to teach your Bearded Dragon to eat the commercially prepared diet as it needs time to transition.
  • A Bearded Dragon’s diet is varied, but adults can eat some frozen, thawed rodents.
  • They are fantastic pets as they are easy to care for, and they have charming personalities.
  • The Bearded Dragon lays 20 to 25 eggs in a clutch.
  • They love living together. Therefore, you will see the Bearded Dragons piled on top of each other on many occasions.


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