African Bullfrog

February 20, 2022

Today’s animal is the African Bullfrog. These large amphibians live along the coast of Africa and are notoriously cranky.  


  • The African Bullfrog is the second biggest frog species in the world. The males can be 10 inches long! 
  • African bullfrogs have slightly webbed back toes, but they do not have webbing on their front toes.
  • The African Bullfrog can be very aggressive and bite if provoked.


  • The male African Bullfrogs attract females for mating with a deep, low-pitched sound that sounds like a “whoop.” The female African Bullfrogs lay up to 4000 eggs that take two days to hatch.
  • The African Bullfrogs couple share parental duties.


  • African Bullfrogs are carnivorous and eat anything that can fit in their mouths, including other frogs.
  • The African Bullfrog’s lower jaw has three odontodes that act as huge teeth restraining prey.
  • They burrow slightly and sit as they wait for a meal to pass by. These frogs eat small birds, reptiles, snakes, and rodents.

Fun Facts about African Bullfrog

  • The male African Bullfrog will often eat its own offspring.
  • African Bullfrogs dig holes to enable them to hibernate during dry seasons anywhere from 10 months up to 24 months. They create a mucus cocoon to protect them. When it rains, the cocoon becomes soft, and the African Bullfrogs emerge out of the mud.
  • African Bullfrogs can live for about 35 years (or even more).


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