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African Bullfrog

February 20, 2022

Today’s animal is the African Bullfrog. These large amphibians live along the coast of Africa and are notoriously cranky.  


  • The African Bullfrog is the second biggest frog species in the world. The males can be 10 inches long! 
  • African bullfrogs have slightly webbed back toes, but they do not have webbing on their front toes.
  • The African Bullfrog can be very aggressive and bite if provoked.


  • The male African Bullfrogs attract females for mating with a deep, low-pitched sound that sounds like a “whoop.” The female African Bullfrogs lay up to 4000 eggs that take two days to hatch.
  • The African Bullfrogs couple share parental duties.


  • African Bullfrogs are carnivorous and eat anything that can fit in their mouths, including other frogs.
  • The African Bullfrog’s lower jaw has three odontodes that act as huge teeth restraining prey.
  • They burrow slightly and sit as they wait for a meal to pass by. These frogs eat small birds, reptiles, snakes, and rodents.

Fun Facts about African Bullfrog

  • The male African Bullfrog will often eat its own offspring.
  • African Bullfrogs dig holes to enable them to hibernate during dry seasons anywhere from 10 months up to 24 months. They create a mucus cocoon to protect them. When it rains, the cocoon becomes soft, and the African Bullfrogs emerge out of the mud.
  • African Bullfrogs can live for about 35 years (or even more).


  1. John Maffucci

    Yikes. Kiss that frog. Sweet little princess, let introduce his frogness. You alone can get him singing. He is all puffed up wants to be your king. Splash, dash, heard your call, Bring you back your golden ball. He’s gonna dive back in the deep end. He’s gonna be just like your best friend. So what’s one little kiss, one tiny little touch? I swear this is royal blood running through my skin, oh, can you see the state I’m in

  2. Donna Kaufman

    Nature is indeed both sinister and amazing ! Male frog will share parental duties yet may eat its “Own” if the need presents itself .

  3. Joe Rota

    Are they good to eat ?

  4. BigMikeU

    WOW they eat animals and not insects? What dose the American bullfrog eat? And can these African frogs hurt a human if they bite them? cool article though!!!

  5. Danny Mayhew

    Are their legs edible like the ones here in North America?


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