Birman Cat

October 9, 2021

The Birman is a breed of domesticated cats, also known as Sacred Cats of Burma. Birmans have distinguishing blue eyes, long silky off-white hair, and unique chocolate markings on the face. Birmans also have markings on their paws that look like gloves.

The origin of the Birman cat is unknown. However, the Sacred Cat of Burma is a legend that may speak to its roots. Consequently, in the early twentieth century, the breed became popular among French and English high society. About this time, Birmans also started showing up at contests and events.

If You Own a Birman Cat, You Have Much to be Thankful For

  • As a breed, Birmans were all but wiped out as World War Two dragged on. However, there was one surviving pair that could still breed at the war’s end. To fully revive genetic verifiability, kittens from this pair were bred with similar breeds.
  • Birmans are one the healthiest cats you’ll ever own. Talk about a low-maintenance cat! They live between 12 and 16 years and avoid many of the old-age problems some older cats endure.
  • Birmans have a reputation for being playful. In addition, they love kids and will exhibit some loyal behavior that may seem dog-like. Expect a family pet that will be part of the family rather than staying off in the corner.

As far as pets go, a Birman cat is one of the most beautiful and friendly pets you’ll ever love.


  1. Christine

    How do you find a birman cat they look really pretty and gosh I would love to know more about where you get them fence line thank you

  2. Lee Ann Boeglin

    How can I find this type of cat?

  3. Jim North

    Our sweet Birman, Blaze, graced us with her love for 20 years until she crossed the bridge.

  4. Colleen Brelje

    What is the difference between this cat and a Siamese?

  5. gato 7 semanas

    Bien con este artículo, realmente creo que este sitio web necesita mucha más atención. Probablemente volveré para ver más, gracias por el consejo.

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