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Saint Shepherd

September 22, 2021

The Saint Shepherd is a hybrid dog breed. It comes from crossbreeding a Saint Bernard and a German Shepherd, both of which are large dogs. Saint Shepherds average 120 lbs. and stand around 28 inches tall.

As a dog breed, Saint Shepherds require lots of room to run and develop to their full physical potential. These dogs do not do good in apartments all day, waiting for parents to get home from work.

If you are considering adopting a Saint Shepherd puppy, consider looking over this brief list of pros and cons:


  • Because of their size and personalities, Saint Shepherds make good home guard dogs. As a breed, these dogs are intelligent and fast learners.
  • Saint Sheppards love to make their masters happy, which means they are excellent choices for specialized training.
  • Don’t let their size intimidate. Saint Sheppards love to play with kids, just not the little ones.


  • These dogs are large and shed lots of hair. So expect to make dog hair removal a regular chore.
  • A stubborn streak does sometimes hinder training.
  • Large dogs like Saint Shepherds need lots of exercise. They are prone to joint problems, so their joints develop correctly.

When choosing a Saint Shepherd as your adopted pet, remember you’re getting a large dog that needs regular medical and physical attention. Treat this breed right, and it will reward you with loyalty.


  1. Jane

    Do they drool?


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