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The Dingo is a wild dog, also known as warrigal. Some people believe Dingoes to be subspecies of a particular wolf, while others consider it its own species. One true fact is that it’s an ancient breed primarily in Australia, though there are those also believed to be in Southeast Asia.

Here are some fun facts about the Dingo.

They Are Vigorous Hunters

Dingoes are tireless hunters. They can cross long thick bushes and deserts, searching for their prey, either in cooperative packs or alone. Generally, they are opportunistic, mainly pursuing small game like birds, rabbits, lizards and rodents. But, surprisingly, these dogs will eat plants and fruits as well. Do they eat babies? We’ll let you decide

They Hardly Bark

Unlike other dogs, dingoes rarely bark. Instead, they howl, especially at night, in an attempt to attract other pack members or scare off intruders. They also use scent rubbing, urinating and defecating on objects to mark their territories.

They Breed Only Once a Year

Dingoes only breed once a year, between March and June. Their gestation period is nine weeks, after which they give birth to about four to six puppies. The pups remain dependent on both their parents for about six to eight months. They stay in a rock shelter, a hollow log or an old rabbit warren during this time. Though they hardly feed on their offspring, while in packs, the dominant breeding female often kills the offspring of other females.

Only the dominant members of the Dingo pack breed, leaving the rest to help with finding food for the puppies. Over the years, Dingoes have been said to interbreed with other domestic dogs, producing hybrids. This is amazing but also a potential threat to the persistence of dingoes.

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