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August 15, 2021


With their intelligent eyes and floppy ears, the gentle Chinook rates high as a family favorite.

The friendly Chinook got its start by being bred for pulling sleds through the snow in Alaska. Because they are smart, social and loyal. These abilities and traits make the Chinook a patient and fun family pet. While they can have stubborn moments, because they are intelligent, they are fairly easy to train.

The Chinook is a larger with extra thick tan fur.

The Bonuses:

  • Chinooks are happy to please, and they are affectionate and kind to people and other pets.
  • They are adventurous and love the outdoors, and enjoy activities like camping, hiking and even boating with their people.
  • This sociable breed gets along great with other dogs mainly because they were originally bred to be part of a sled dog team. So having other canine buds is great for them.

The Challenges:

  • Training comes easily to them, but they can get stubborn at times
    so owners need to know how to deal with it firmly.
  • Because of the Chinook’s friendly nature, they are not often chosen to be a guard dog. They are more likely to welcome strangers than to ward them off.
  • Chinooks are social creatures and do not like being left alone. They can even become destructive if left alone for too long.

Chinooks are a rare breed of dog. In fact, by the 1980’s they almost went extinct due to lack of breeding. Since then, numbers are growing and now they are the state dog of New Hampshire.


  1. Maria

    Love reading about all the beautiful creatures. I especially like the fact that your posts are short but informative and varied. Thank you.

  2. Ray McMaster

    Animals can remember. When I returned from Korea (51-53) the dog hadn’t seen me for almost two years When he heard my whistle he cam running toward the sound. He never left my side until he died. He was sixteen years old


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