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October 12, 2021


A Boxerdoodle sometimes referred to as a boxerpoo, is a rare mixed breed of a boxer and a poodle. Boxerdoodles range in size depending on the poodle used in the breeding process. The characteristics of a boxerdoodle include:

  • Most are medium to large dogs
  • Weight ranges from 40 to 80 pounds (18-36 kilograms) for most boxerdoodles
  • They can reach up to two feet tall at their shoulders (57 centimeters)
  • Fur on a boxerdoodle is usually wavy or curly, but it could be smooth like a typical boxer.
  • Boxerdoodles range in coat color, including brown, brindle, white, black, red or fawn-colored.
  • The dog’s muzzle could be anywhere from the long snout of a poodle or the shorter, stout one of a boxer.
  • Boxerdoodles often have the same length tail as poodles.
  • They may have the protruding eyes common among boxers.
  • They may or may not be hypoallergenic like their poodle cousins, but those with curly or wavy hair may be better options for those with allergies.
  • Boxerdoodles are very friendly dogs.
  • They are intelligent dogs.
  • Boxerdoodles tend to be generally healthy; however, they can be susceptible to the same genetic diseases of each breed. Routine vet care is vital to a healthy dog.

Boxerdoodles are friendly, loveable, intelligent dogs that bring the best of poodle and boxer together in a great pet to add to any family.


  1. Kevin Norton

    Frank James only because your name is on this box doodle and it’s a cutie and I’m wondering if it comes in different colors besides that one even though that one is so beautiful but I’m interested in getting one how and how hard complicated would it be to get one I’m not one of much money but I have a love for a new family member what would it take please respond ! And I am also concerned of this being a scam because I’ve just recently been scanned that’s why I’m being cautious I wasn’t trying to put my email out there because I have been scanned over a puppy ! And the box of doodle is different so if that can happen better than a pitbull then so be it as I look at it to be as the Lord wills ! Looking forward to hearing from you Frank James

  2. Debs beattie

    A mongrel is what you get!!

    • C. Allard

      Debs Beattie: this is a rare mixed breed of a boxer and a poodle and they are not mongrels. So your comment is inappropriate.
      I would recommend you looking up the breed so you can actually provide accurate information vs. you saying ” A mongrel is what you get.”
      Wishing the best hope you get some help from a therapist

  3. Carolyn R Barr

    really enjoy your articles!!!!! I have learned many interesting facts about animals I did not know existed. Thank you

  4. Katie Jones

    I wish people would quit making specialty dogs….

  5. Bryan bomar

    Very interested in this fine animal
    Bryan 813-851-7899

  6. Richard Sendell

    What happened to the Horgia and where could I get Boxerdoodle


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