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Bush Baby

July 30, 2021

Bush babies are also known as Galago. In fact, it’s the common name. You might also know this critter by the name of nagapies.

But because of the appearance of this animal, it’s called bush baby. It also cries like a baby!

Let’s find out some more fun facts about this nocturnal creature:

  • Galagos have long tails and large eyes that help them see clearly at night.
  • Baby bushes are excellent jumpers. They can cover up to 2.5 m in a single jump. The back leg muscles of this animal are strong.
  • It belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata and Class Mammalia.
  • You can expect to see different fur colors of bush babies.
  • Just like bats, they can catch insects at night while in flight. Their ears are also like bats! Check out if you haven’t noticed this resemblance yet.
  • To prevent the noise around them, they cover up the ear holes by folding the ears. They also cover the ear holes when they need to protect their ears.
  • Bushbabies are omnivores. It means that fruits, vegetables, animals, plants, insects, anything is okay for them! They can eat what they like as they have a variety to select from.
  • They urinate on their hands to mark their territory as they move from one tree to another.

Now that you know about the bush babies, it’s time to spot them! Visit the sub-Saharan African deserts and see if you can locate one.


  1. Sepi Abed

    Who has the time to travel to Africa, just to see one. They should at least have one at the Zoo 😁

  2. James J. Mason

    You obviously are posting this to suck people in to your advertisements. I don’ mind that, but you have a lot of erroneous and ambiguous information. Get it together or I won’t open your emails again.


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