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October 15, 2021

Ibis is the name given to a group of long-legged water birds that are found in wetlands, forests and plains. They are from the family Threskiornithidae and include the following types of ibis.

Types Of Ibis:

  • African sacred ibis
  • Malagasy sacred ibis
  • Australian white ibis
  • Straw-necked ibis
  • Black-headed ibis
  • Red-naped ibis
  • White-shouldered ibis
  • Crested ibis
  • Wattled ibis
  • Sharp-tailed ibis
  • Green ibis
  • Bare-faced ibis
  • American white ibis
  • Scarlet ibis
  • Maui flightless ibis

Characteristics of the Ibis

The ibis is characterized by a long beak that has a downward curve. Ibises are highly territorial birds when nesting or feeding and usually feed in groups. They use their long beaks to search in mud for tiny crustaceans. Ibises nest in trees and can be found around spoonbills and herons and are monogamous animals, mating for life. Ibises are social creatures preferring to gather in flocks and creating large colonies of nests.


The ibis can be found in a number of areas, including coastal freshwater areas, saltwater areas, marshy areas, rice fields, intercoastal waterways, mudflats, swamps and lagoons. Habitat destruction, hunting and other disturbances have threatened the ibis by shrinking the areas available for feeding and nesting.

The Ibis and Culture

The ancient Egyptians revered the ibis, believing it to be associated with the god Thoth (Greek) or Djehuty (Egyptian). It was also associated with wisdom, moon, magic, writing, measurements and mathematics. The ibis was considered sacred and was often kept as a pet in ancient Egypt.


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