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November 15, 2022

The breed known as the “Shollie” is a mix of a Border Collie and a German Shepherd. Though this pup seems to have been developed by accident, they have become a very popular dog choice for families in recent years. The Border Collie and German Shepherd are both very popular dogs- so it is no surprise that the Shollie would take the dog market by storm.

The Shollie is a large dog that requires a lot of activity. They have high energy and can become destructive if they are not given proper exercise. They are also very intelligent and flourish when they are given mental stimulation as well. The Shollie is a natural protector and is great with children of all ages. They form strong bonds with their families and are very loyal. They are nicknamed the “smartest breed” because they are incredibly easy to train.

Interesting Facts about Shollies

  • Although Shollies are playful and energetic, they also like snuggling up to their loved ones and napping.
  • Shollies get bored easily, and a bored Shollie is a whirlwind of destruction.
  • Because they're so smart, Shollies are very easy to train.
  • Shollies combine Border Collies' playfulness with German Shepherds' high energy levels; they require a lot of attention and exercise
  • Shollies sometimes try to herd children and keep them all together as a group. Such instincts are why they make good shepherds.
  • Currently, the Shollie breed is only recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America.


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