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Red Panda

September 3, 2022

The giant red panda was given its official name and classification in 1825 by Frederic Cuvier. The red panda's coat is primarily red with a black underbelly and white outlined ears. They are a solitary animal and individual red pandas have been known to mark their territory using urine, feces, and other body secretions. It is currently classified as an endangered species as their homes are cut down, and they fall prey to illegal animal trade and poaching. In captivity, the red panda has been known to live up to 14 years, but in the wild they often die sooner as they fall victim to their natural predators.

Fun Facts

  • Red pandas lick themselves clean, similar to what a house cat does.
  • In the cold red pandas wrap their tails around themselves to keep warm
  • On average, a red panda eats 20.000 bamboo leaves every day.
  • Some people often refer to the red panda as the lesser panda.
  • The average gestation period for the red panda is about 131 days.
  • Red pandas can live up to 14 years when kept in captivity, although this number would likely drop in the wild.
  • Wild red panda species can be found in Bhutan, Nepal, China, India, and Myanmar.


  1. Sepi

    Absolutely adorable ????

  2. Raymond Farreny

    Red Pandas are such beauties with an adorable face.


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