May 15, 2022

A Raggle is a cross between the Beagle and the Rat Terrier. Raggle dogs are popular for their loyalty and affection to their owners. Raggle dogs are jovial and energetic; therefore, they seduce dog lovers with endless energy and appealing personalities.

The Raggle dogs have inherited their parents’ resilient hunting instincts. Therefore, your other pets may fail to love the company of Raggle dogs. Bringing a Raggle to a home occupied by other pets welcomes a bully. But it will help to train the Raggle firmly and consistently.

Here is information that will help you learn the characteristics of a Raggle. Also, you will know the care that makes a Raggle happy and healthy;

Interesting Facts about a Raggle Dog

  • Raggle dogs are medium-sized dogs. 
  • An adult Raggle is 8-12 inches tall. The average male Raggle is around 12 inches, and a female can grow 11 inches tall.
  • An adult male Raggle weighs around 20lbs, and a female weighs about 19lbs.
  • Raggle dogs are also likely to suffer from patellar luxation, epilepsy, allergies, and incorrect bites.
  • These dogs have almond-shaped eyes, a dark black nose, and a curly black tail.
  • Raggle dogs are great hunters that love exploring their environment and enjoying games with their owners.
  • A Raggle does not require much grooming; brushing once a week is enough.
  • A puppy requires DHA nutrients for healthy eyes, bones, and the brain. A diet rich in fiber is essential for proper digestion.
  • The Raggle dogs have an energetic temperament. Therefore, they need at least 60 minutes of exercise daily to stay healthy.
  • A puppy, Raggle, is more active than an adult. You will need a safe place when dealing with puppies as they need to explore and take in smells.


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