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September 18, 2022

A man's best friend is often the dog, but the Pudelpointer breed is more than a friend. It is one of the most versatile breeds of a dog, equipped with the best qualities as it is a cross-breed between the German hunting poodle and the American pointer.

German hunting poodles are incredibly efficient hunters, while American pointers are some of the most intelligent dog breeds. The Pudelpointer is the perfect cross between the hunting poodle and the pointer; it is equipped with intelligence, will to impress, and can hunt any game. Hunters like to bring them on hunts because they have no gun or game fear.


Fun Facts

  • The Pudelpointer is suited for an active person because it is seriously active with immense energy.
  • The Pudelpointer is a friendly and ready assistant, a very loyal companion, and as playful as ever.
  • The Pudelpointer is a dark brown or black dog, sometimes with white spots, which is adored for its friendly temperament and excellent work ethic.
  • If not well maintained, the Pudelpointer risks gaining weight.
  • Pudelpointers have a high hunting drive; don't be surprised to see yours running after other dogs, cats, or birds.
  • The Pudelpointer is a 60-year project perfected over the years to create the perfect hunting breed.
  • A Pudelpointer will stand still with one paw lifted when alerted; when hunting, it is an instinct from the dog.




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