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May 19, 2022

The scientific name of the Pronghorn translates to “American antelope goat,” nonetheless, Pronghorns do not belong to the antelope family. Pronghorns have deer-like bodies covered with short, reddish-brown hair. Also, Pronghorns have white patches on their legs, chest, rump, cheeks, and chest.

Both male and female Pronghorn have horns, adapted to living in grassland. Pronghorns have large bulging eyes located further back on their heads to give them better vision. Therefore, Pronghorns can see a predator up to 6km away.

There is more to learn about the Pronghorns, and the information below will be helpful;

Interesting Facts about the Pronghorns

  • Pronghorns are the sole surviving member of the family Antilocapridae.
  • Pronghorns are common in Western North America, Western United States and northern Mexico.
  • Pronghorns have a deer-like appearance, but their horns make them unique. These horns are a cross between horns and antlers, and they have qualities of both.
  • Pronghorns’ horns fall off annually, shortly after breeding.
  • Their shallow hair is essential in insulating them from cold.
  • Pronghorn can survive at a temperature ranging from -50 to 130 F.
  • Pronghorns do not drink water, and they depend on plant food for hydration.
  • The white hair on the Pronghorn’s rear end stands when it is scared.
  • A group of Pronghorns is called a herd or band.
  • Pronghorns are great swimmers.
  • Pronghorns go under obstacles such as fences instead of over them.
  • Pronghorns are not members of the antelope or goat family.

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  1. Doug

    Statement “pronghorns dont drink water “is completely false . Pronghorns go to water holes daily to drink surface water. Sometimes multiple times a day. Next time your out west sit near a water hole and see for yourself. Ask any rancher in antelope country they will confirm it. How on earth can such afalsehood be in print.


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