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May 17, 2022

Molly is one of the many most popular freshwater fish species among aquarists and fish keepers. These low-maintenance fish often cost just a few bucks each and are recommended for beginners.

Molly fish ails from the Poeciliidae family found in Central American parts like Mexico and the southern United States. They thrive primarily in freshwater even though the fish are common in saline habitats, for instance, brackish ditches and lagoons. Nonetheless, some of these mollies live and breed in shallow aquatic environments like harbors and surrounding the roots of mangroves.

In addition, mollies are commonly found in the wild, where the dull and silvery gray colored ones reside. However, since their penetration into the fishkeeping world, many mollies have been cross-bred. As a result, many colors and species have come to be. The color range for molly fish includes; white, black, silver, red, and orange. Below is a list of a few types of molly fish;

  • Black molly fish
  • Dalmatian molly fish
  • Sailfin molly fish
  • Lyretail molly fish
  • Balloon molly fish.

Characteristics of Molly

  • They are freshwater fish
  • They are peaceful by nature
  • They are low maintenance and easy to care for
  • They live in the wild
  • They are found in Central America and the southern United States
  • They inhabit slow-moving tropical rivers teeming with vegetation
  • They have a flattened body with a triangular-shaped head
  • They are wide at the mid-section
  • The male molly fish is smaller and have a pointy anal fin.
  • The female molly has a broad and fanned anal fin and a visible “gravid” spot, where they hold their young during pregnancy.
  • Molly fish have an average lifespan of around three to five years
  • The standard size range of a full-grown molly is four to four and a half inches

The size of these mollies makes them manageable and allows aquarists to keep them in small aquariums. However, the sailfin type of molly fish is slightly different as it can grow bigger, reaching lengths up to five or six inches. Furthermore, caring for molly fish is something any responsible person can manage as they require less work to keep them healthy. This nature makes them great for fish keepers who are just starting the venture. When it comes to the size of fish tanks required, mollies can do well in small and medium-sized aquariums due to their small size. Even though a larger tank is best, a tank as small as ten gallons can be home to most molly fish. Also, for a much larger group, a fish keeper will need to bump up the size of the tank by at least three gallons of volume per fish.


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