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June 28, 2022

Did you know that a kudu is a large antelope with two prominent horns, perfect for scaring predators away? Originally, from Africa, this graceful animal is often found in the tallest trees of their natural habitat. Kudus are shy and reclusive, so do not be surprised if you only spot one!

A kudu might not seem like the most exciting animal, but with its beautiful coat and long legs that can carry it up most any tree, it is tough not to fall in love.

Here are interesting facts about these majestic antelopes.

Fun Facts about the Kudus

  • Each kudu has two horns that curl backward and then forward on its head, making for a rather menacing appearance. The horns are for fighting other kudus and even humans who have gotten in their way!
  • Kudus are available throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and the largest population by far lives in the Serengeti.
  • Kudu lives alone or in small groups and often only travel together for mating season.
  • Kudus can stay calm during storms and earthquakes because they cannot feel them!
  • Kudus can live up to six to 7 years in the wilderness and 23 years in captivity.
  • Kudu might look like they are hopping, but they jump when they are born.
  • Kudus are very protective of their young; even when killed, they will fight to protect them!
  • Kudus can be dangerous predators when threatened. If they come in contact with a predator, they will stand on their hind legs and kick with their forefeet.


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