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May 10, 2022

Why are kingfishers called kingfishers? Because they are expert fisher birds. Most (not all) kingfishers eat fish. Kingfishers live in burrows on the edges of rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes. They fly over the water and swoop down to spear fish with their sharp beaks. Kingfishers also perch in branches near water bodies, where they dive when they see fish.

Fascinating Facts about Kingfishers

  • The beak of a kingfisher is as hard as a dagger. They use it to spear fish.
  • A kingfisher makes dry, loud screeching sounds.
  • Female kingfishers are more colorful than their male counterparts.
  • A pair of kingfishers work together in building burrows along river or stream edges
  • Kingfishers migrate to places where water is not frozen in winters.


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