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Honduran White Bat

September 26, 2022

The Honduran white bat does things a little differently from other bats. First, they have distinctly white fur that covers their entire bodies. They make tents from plant leaves and roosts during the day.

Once you get over their pretty peculiar nose leaf, the Honduras white bats are quite a cute bat species. Their white fur and remarkable tent-making skills make them stand out among the over 1300 recorded species. They have black wing membranes and yellow ears, which result from high concentrations of carotenoids. An exciting list of Honduran white bat fun facts is waiting for you here.

Fun Facts

  • Harrison Allen described the Honduras white bat in 1892.
  • Honduran white bats only eat figs. It is classified as a frugivore.
  • The bat has bright white fur, black wing membranes, and orange-yellow ears and nose.
  • The bright yellow ears and nose result from high concentrations of carotenoid deposits.
  • Honduras white bats built tents using leaves. They make precision cuts on the leaf's rib using sharp teeth to make the tent.
  • Honduras white bats can get pregnant twice in one year. They typically deliver one offspring at a time.
  • The bat's predators include snakes, monkeys, and owls.
  • Honduras white bats are found in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Honduras.
  • A young Honduran white bat is called a pup.


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