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Highland Cattle

June 12, 2022

Recently there has been a surge in sightings of Highland Cattle on the mountain ranges of North America. This animal is one of the last few remnants of Scottish cattle that once roamed free in Europe and Scotland and parts of Asia, Africa, India, and Australia.

Currently, the Highland cattle are considered endangered due to human expansion into previously uninhabited lands. Also, the worldwide shift to industrial agriculture, where highland cattle are kept primarily for the production of dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese, is reducing the highland cattle population.

Fun Facts about the Highland Cattle

  • Highland Cattle are considered sacred in many nations, including India, Ethiopia, and Scotland.
  • There are two breeds of Highland cattle: the Scottish Highland and the North Highland.
  • The highland cattle are known for their beauty and their good quality beef and dairy products.
  • Over many years, they have been bred to be extremely docile and calm.
  • Highland cattle can live up to 20 years old in good conditions.

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  1. Sepi Abed

    How can they see with all that hair in their face?


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