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Hawaiian Crow

September 13, 2022

Alala, commonly known as the Hawaiian crow, is a blackbird almost currently extinct worldwide. Although reintroduction plans are underway, the initial cause of the extinction is the increase in a human activity primarily. Scientific research shows that using sticks to get food from holes is an innate characteristic acquired without input from the parent crows.

Fun Facts

  • The Hawaiian crow is believed to be a good sign, such as a family guardian spirit.
  • Using sticks to find food in holes is considered a convergent skill that developed independently.
  • Hawaiian crows are very noisy despite their intelligence; when aware of impending danger or friendly company, they let out an annoying screech or howl to warn people nearby.
  • Hawaiian crows' calls reduce gradually when in captivity; some people interpret this behavior as a reaction to reduced territory and awareness of the deprivation of freedom.
  • Hawaiian crows eat almost anything.
  • When Hawaiian crows existed in the wild, they were one of the largest seed dispersal agents because they fed on fruits from different trees in the Mauna Loa forest.


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