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June 16, 2022

If you are in the market for a new pet, it may be worth considering that Havanese are consistently ranked as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Havanese can learn over 100 words, and they are easy to train because they enjoy pleasing their owner.

There is more to learn about Havanese, and the information below will be helpful;

Characteristics of the Havanese

  • The Havanese is a large, long-haired small dog with a white to light brown coat.
  • They have plenty of energy and can be pretty playful.
  • Havanese have been known to be someone's best friend, but they are strong-willed and can be aggressive with other animals if not asked or trained well.
  • Although they aren't known for being stubborn or aggressive, they are intelligent.
  • They tend to get along well with children and other pets but can be territorial around their human families.

Fun Facts about the Havanese

  • The Havanese's ears are folded back when it is happy.
  • The Havanese's teeth never stop growing.
  • The Havanese dogs were first bred in Cuba by Spaniards who used them for hunting in the Yucatan Peninsula because they are pack animals and wouldn't go after wild prey on their own.
  • They were also used for hunting game birds because of their loyalty to their human families.
  • Havanese can be lap dogs, or they can be playful dogs. They seem to be either one depending on their owner and the situation at hand. This flexibility in personality is rare in a dog, especially one with such intelligence. It makes the Havanese more appealing to potential owners.
  • The Havanese likes being around people deeply, so sometimes it will act like a lap dog and offer itself up for a big cuddle.

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  1. Frank Pedulla

    Havanese seem to be both very reliable, and fast-moving; additionally loyal, and even playful…


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