Green Frog

October 12, 2022

Today's animal is the green frog found in Northern America and Canada. They prefer to be alone and spend their lives in solitude. Green frogs will eat anything they can fit in their mouths without discrimination. This cute amphibian can reach top speeds of 10mph when jumping. The green frog lays eggs in permanent bodies of water. The males of the species will defend their territories. Scientists have discovered that the green frog can change its gender, though it is not entirely understood why; there are no obvious motivating factors.

Fun Facts

  • Green frogs are scientifically referred to as Lithobates Clamitans or Rana Clamitans. They have two scientific names because the green frog has two subspecies.
  • Green frogs will attempt to eat and swallow anything they can fit in their mouths, including fish and large insects. They will even eat other frogs and tadpoles.
  • During the breeding period, these frogs will lay eggs in permanent bodies of water, and the male will release sperm in the water, so fertilization occurs in the water.
  • Green frogs have large bulging eyes that help them catch prey by seeing in all directions.
  • Green frogs are widely preferred when preparing the frog leg dish in the culinary industry.
  • A male green frog's call sounds like a banjo string pull.
  • All green frogs have a green upper lip despite the variation in body color.


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