Golden Masked Owl

October 28, 2022

Golden Masked Owls are hard to spot; they are secretive and mostly show up at night. Their bright, heart-shaped face is why this bird is called “gold masked;” if you spot the bird, that's probably the first thing you'll see. Golden Masked Owls are nocturnal; they live primarily in solitude and are never seen around other owls. Golden Masked Owls are large birds weighing between 0.9 and 1.7 pounds and between 10.6 and 12.9 inches tall. They have heart-shaped faces that appear golden because of their brownish-white facial hair.

Fun Facts:

· Golden Masked Owls are carnivores; they are known to hunt on the ground and feed on rodents like mice, rats, and rabbits.

· Golden Masked Owls live mostly in hollow tree trunks.

· Golden Masked Owls have 2 to 3 eggs per mating season; their tree trunk homes are adequate space for rearing and raising young Golden Masked Owls.

· Their tree trunk homes protect from predators and are a nesting place for female Golden Masked Owls.

· Larger owls, eagles, and hawks predate upon Golden Masked Owls.

· Golden Masked Owls nest for approximately 32 days laying 2 to 3 eggs; they live 80 days with their parents, upon which they become independent.

· The Golden Masked Owl is found on the island of New Britain, which is located off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

· The Golden Masked Owl is rare to spot in the wild; as a result, it is barely studied.


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