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English Shepherd

October 22, 2022

Today's animal of the day is the highly intelligent and independent English Shepherd. These farm dogs originated in England and Southern Scotland and are incredibly loyal. They often develop a strong bond both with their owners and the livestock.

Fun Facts:

  • English Shepherds can have black, white, tan or brindle coats.
  • English Shepherds are related to border Collies and Australian Shepherds.
  • They are often called "The Old Style Collie" or "America's Farm Dog."
  • A purebred English Shepherd can set you back anywhere between $800 and $4000.
  • Despite their long history, the AKC does not officially recognize the breed.
  • English Shepherds usually have a lifespan of about 14 years and can weigh anywhere from 35-65 pounds.
  • Because English Shepherds are working dogs, they need a lot of exercise to avoid developing any unwanted destructive behavioral issues. They typically require between one and two hours of exercise each day.
  • English Shepherds are great family pets and bond well with children. Training a pet and adequately socializing them at a young age is essential for the best outcome.
  • When it comes to shedding, the English Shepherd sheds a tremendous amount of hair, so be ready for dog hair and high grooming needs.
  • These dogs were bred for herding, vermin control and livestock management, which is why they are intelligent and independent.




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