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August 29, 2022

Some people refer to donkeys as beasts of burden since they have been used for working for over 5,000 years.

This animal is known for being stubborn, but there is more to meet the eye of a donkey who won’t move. Donkeys have a keen sense of danger and self-preservation. If they sense any kind of danger, they stand still and assess whether it’s safe to keep going forward. This is the opposite of horses who simply run away when frightened.

Fun Facts:

  • There are 185 different types of donkeys.
  • The world of donkeys features its own unique language. For example, a female donkey is called a jenny, while a male donkey is called a jackass.
  • Donkeys run about 15 mph.
  • They weigh anywhere from 176-1,000 pounds.
  • Although donkeys are used primarily as work animals, some populations have developed a taste for their meat and milk.
  • Donkeys are naturally aggressive to animals such as dogs, wolves, and coyotes. Therefore, they are sometimes used as “guardians” for sheep or goats.
  • The typical gestation period of a jenny is about a year (12 months).
  • The smallest living donkey in the world goes by the name KneeHi and is 24.29 inches tall. He is the current holder of the record on the Guinness World Record.
  • The offspring of a mare and jackass is called a mule.
  • Donkeys are traced back to two types of wild asses—the African wild ass and the Asiatic wild ass. Unfortunately, they are both endangered. The African wild ass is critically endangered, with just 150 living around the globe. It is hunted for its meat and medicinal properties.

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