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Bowhead Whale

May 12, 2022

Many travelers look forward to experiencing Whale watching expeditions in the Arctic. Bowhead Whales live in the arctic throughout the year, and they are the most sought-after species for Whale watching.

The name Bowhead Whale comes from these Whales’ bow-shaped heads. In August, the Bowhead Whales can be seen on Polar Bears and Glaciers of Baffin Island safaris.

The Bowhead Whales are mammals with a long lifespan. Also, these Whales can exceptionally live all year round in the cold and harsh Arctic seas. The Bowhead Whales are known for the complex yet beautiful songs they use in communicating among themselves.

There is more to learn about the Bowhead Whales, and the information below will widen our understanding;

Interesting Facts about the Bowhead Whales

  • There are around 10,000 to 12 000 Bowhead whales in the world.
  • The Bowhead Whales live in the cold Arctic Ocean and the subarctic waters.
  • The Arctic Bowhead Whales are distributed in Beaufort Seas, Bering-Chukchi Sea, Sea of Okhotsk stock, Hudson Bay North Carolina, Baffin Bay, Greenland, Italy, and Svalbard-Barents Sea stock.
  • The Bowhead Whales are solitary creatures that hunt solo.
  • The life expectancy of the Bowhead Whales is a minimum of 100 years.
  • They mate from March to August, and the female Bowhead Whale takes 13-14 months to bear a baby whale.
  • The Bowhead Whales look humongous, and they have black and dark gray bodies and white chins.
  • They are slow swimmers that swim at an average speed of 1.2 to 1.3 miles per hour.
  • The baby Bowhead Whale is known as a calf.

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  1. Carl

    How can anyone go from studying the behavior of a tiny hummingbird, a bumblebee, an ant, and then look at these incredible whale specimens in icy waters and come away not believing in the Divine? While evolution claims a lion’s share of Nature’s diversity, it had to start with something. I proffer that evolution is also the work of the Divine. And those of us who maintain open eyes and an even more open mind, get to witness the Divine’s work in ever-so-slow motion.


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