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Borneo Elephant

August 22, 2022

The Borneo Elephant is the smallest Asian subspecies with long tails that often touch the ground. Their ears are relatively large, and their tusks straighter.

Did you know that Borneo Elephants are sociable and gentler than other giant elephants? They also have a highly developed brain, which is 3-4 times bigger than a human's.

Fun Facts:

  • Borneo Elephants are highly sociable, living in herds of 8.
  • They are migratory animals and can travel up to 25-30 miles a day. Wandering about their habitat helps them to stay in good physical shape. And when traveling, they cross rivers with excellent swimming skills.
  • Its population is about 1,500. Sometimes, they get into human conflict due to degradation, fragmentation, and habitat loss, which disrupt their migration routes and deplete their food resources.
  • Legend has it that Bornean Elephants are remnants of a herd gifted to the Sultan of Sulu during the 17th Century.
  • While they have poor vision, they make up for it with a keen sense of smell, wafting their trunks from side to side to catch a scent.
  • These elephants exhibit playful behavior and are also sensitive to feeling grief and compassion; when a calf seems to be in distress, the whole family gathers around as a show of concern.


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