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October 3, 2022

The binturong is also known as the “bear cat.” Binturongs are medium-sized animals that look like small bears. They have aggressive tendencies, often being reported to chase their captors when released back into the wild.

Binturongs are currently endangered due to human encroachment into their natural habitats; people hunt them for meat, for pet trade, and for traditional medicine.

Binturongs, also known as bear-cats, are medium-sized animals from the kingdom Animalia, class Mammalia, and family Viverridae. They are naturally aggressive and tend to fight off predators that they may come across.

Fun Facts

  • Binturongs have an anal gland to produce a scent for marking their territories.
  • Binturong coupling happens on trees; sex smells like buttered popcorn.
  • Binturongs are the only remaining species of the genus Arctictis.
  • Binturongs purr and clean themselves like cats; they look like small bears and, at times, stand on two limbs like bears. In addition, they have long monkey-like tails, which they use as an extra limb when climbing trees.
  • Binturongs are aggressive; they have been reported to chase captors when released into the wild after captivity.


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