July 31, 2021


Any dog enthusiast can attest to those lovely feelings when they see a Bea Tzu. Unlike ordinary dogs, a Bea Tzu has exceptional features that make her cute and extra fun. The Bea Tzu is a mix of two pure breeds; the Beagle and the Shih Tzu. Therefore, it is small enough for apartment living yet big enough to chase around your home’s backyard.

Noticeable features of a Bea Tzu

Many Bea Tzu dogs are Brown and white. However, some display coat colors such as cream and grey. They have soulful, brown eyes and floppy ears. Their faces are beautiful enough to convince you when they are begging for treats.

Fun Facts About Bea Tzu

Here are additional reasons as to why you should start living with the Bea Tzu.

They are Active and Playful

The Bea Tzu is very active and playful. And let’s be honest, nothing is more fun than playing with your pup after a long day.

They’re Loving and Loyal

Spending time with Bea Tzu will elevate your mood and calm you down when you’re stressed. These pooches are also loving and cuddly; thus, cheering you up when you are gloomy.

The Bea Tzu is Intelligent

The Bea Tzu is intelligent and loves socializing with other dogs. You are likely to be friends with fellow dog owners when you go out with this pup. You will be chatting as humans while your dogs play together.

Nobody’s Perfect

No one is perfect, not even the Bea Tzu. This breed has an obstinate, stubborn streak; therefore, training requires patience. It is advisable to train the Bea Tzu outside the house as she is playful; thus, requiring a wide space.


  1. Michelle Bieniek

    How much is a Bea Tzu as I’m disabled and newly divorced and I have a toy poodle as well as a home with a big yard. I would love another dog and I know that my 2 year old poodle would love a friend?

  2. Cynthia Leake

    What is the deal with mixing all these dogs? Talk about compromising? Why screw with Divinity? What are they? Lefty Dems????

    • Saundra Aloah-Yvonne Johnson

      No. The breeders are more likely leaning as far right as possible

  3. Christopher westerman

    I have two shih tzu And they are loyal companions and I love to cuddle and they are smart

  4. Merilyn Simpson

    In reply to the comments about mixing breeds . It is true that they are a mix breed such as would be found in a shelter (some pure breeds are too, just sayin) however, just how do you think a new ” pure” breed line is created? The same pairing is made repeatedly, and if the same characteristics come out..”.bingo” a new pure breed is created. The only time the “purity” matters is in a dog show. That sweet ” mutt” may just be the perfect companion for you. They can be taught to do most if not all of the things a pure breed can do

  5. Ubong Francis

    I’m considering either to adopt this rather than the German Shepherd I had in mind

  6. Jean

    How much it’s the beatzu

  7. Teresa Toliaferro

    I want her !

  8. Corinne

    Please, please, please…..RESCUE!!! There are so many dogs that need loving homes. Why pay thousands of dollars for a “designer dog??? I have 3 rescues now and I have had 3 other rescues as well.
    Please really think about it and check out your local rescues. 🙏🏻
    Thank you


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