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May 2, 2022

Today, we’re taking a closer look at anchovies. These little fish are quite common in temperate waters. They can be found in the Atlantic from Norway to South Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea. They have even migrated as far as the Red Sea, in the opposite direction from most other species.

Anchovies are tiny fish famous in temperate waters. You can find the Anchovies in the Atlantic from Norway to South Africa. They also live in the Mediterranean Sea. Some Anchovies species have migrated to the Red Sea, an opposite direction from other species.

When many people think of Anchovies, they think of food. Anchovies make the famous Spanish tapas, boquerones. This meal is prepared by marinating raw anchovy filet in vinegar and salt. They are also often seasoned with garlic and parsley. 

Fun Facts about Anchovies:

  • Anchovies are a family of tiny, popular saltwater forage fish.
  • There are 144 species in 17 genera. These Anchovies are found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
  • Fishermen can catch Anchovies from March to September. Crab paste is an excellent bait for luring Anchovies to the Surface.
  • Fishers prefer fishing the Anchovies during nights with a full moon. The Anchovies’ silvery body shines in water under the moonlight, giving them an easy catch.
  • Traditionally, Anchovies are processed and preserved by gutting and salting them in brine. These Anchovies are given time to mature before packing them in salt or oil.
  • Anchovies can accumulate domoic acid that causes amnesic shellfish poisoning in people if they eat it whole. Seagulls often fall prey to death by domoic acid.  ]
  • It is essential to select the freshest Anchovies for consumption. A bright and protruding eye with an iris that is not reddened is a sign of fresh Anchovy.

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  1. Carl

    Not only do Anchovies offer a splendid dimension to culinary arts, they are also a tremendous agent in promoting health. Anchovies are among the highest sources of omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. These essentials are critical to overall health.


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