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January 12, 2022

For the most part, we have all seen a goat, whether it’s in real life, a book or on the television. Here are some fun and cute facts about goats.

Goats Have Been Around A Long Time

Over 9,000 years ago, goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans. They were first domesticated in Asia, where they were used for milk and cheese. 

Goats Like To Eat: 

Goats have a very unique appetite. They like to walk around and explore, which leads them to adventure out in the pasture and in your yard if they are free-range. They mostly like to eat grass, hay, and grain. 

Due to their sensitive mouths, some goats can be picky about what they choose to eat.

Goats Are Bred For Multiple Reasons

Goats have tons of purposes. Some are bred for meat, milk and livestock purposes. 

Goat milk can be used for many things—drinking, making cheese, lotions and even candles.

Some goats are used as companion animals for other lonely animals. 

Fun Facts 

  • There are more than 200 different breeds of goats.
  • Not only do dogs and goats have the same life span, but they can both recognize their names. Some goats will even come when called.
  • Goats are social animals. They like to have company in the farmyard.
  • As mountain animals, goats are very good climbers.

Goats have four stomachs. The food moves through each one as it processes. Watch out, though; goats are known to burp!


  1. Regina

    I’m not sure how I started getting this email but I’m glad I did. Thank you

    • Brenda

      Me too. It’s enjoyable reading.

    • Sharon Erickson

      Same w/ me????‍♀️

  2. Regina

    Love this

  3. Regina

    Very nice to read something that has positive instead of all negative

  4. Debbie

    Lol, if you had 4 stomachs you would burp also!

    • C. Fong

      Debbie, I agree! To funny 4 stomachs and burping… Thanks it is Lol…

    • Cate

      I agree! To funny 4 stomachs and they burp.. Lol

    • CattieAnne

      I agree! To funny 4 stomachs and they burp.. Lol

  5. Lisa C.

    Very interesting!

  6. K

    Goat babies have fascinating blue eyes

  7. Joshi

    Also, in India goat meat is very popular. It contains much less fat compared to Lamb and is chewier.

  8. Patsy Coleman

    Very informative and appreciate the opportunity to learn !

  9. Patsy Coleman

    Informative and allows me to learn more!

  10. Robin Marcino

    We raised French Alpine goats for many many years. Very funny and very active critters that also can be exceptionally friendly and loving.

  11. Abe

    They look so adorable and lovely, how can one eat them.
    Sadly, I will continue eating goat meat and lamb. God has made them for us humans.

  12. Sepi

    I’ve never tasted Goat milk…wonder what it tastes like

    • Larry

      It does NOT taste like chicken. This I do know.

  13. Joel Bahr

    Can we get goats to eat the grass here instead of the noisy machines?

  14. Govindarajan Chandramohan

    Dear Friend ,

    I am a Nature Lover and your collections and details are awesome and give great pleasure .

    We appreciate your contribution to Nature .

    Best regards,
    Chandra ,Bahrain

  15. Dan Dolgin

    The baby goats are so cute. I would keep a goat if they could be kept as pets like dogs or cats. Anyway I live in a condo, so I will probably get a cat.


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