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Wood Turtle

March 22, 2022

The Wood Turtle is common in North American locations such as the United States of Canada, northern Michigan, Quebec, and Southern Ontario. They love living near water sources such as streams, creeks, and rivers. The Wood Turtle has a beautiful grayish-brown colored shell and yellow-colored plastron. The lower parts of its chin, neck, and legs can be red, yellow, or orange.

The Wood Turtle loves spending time in the woods, but that is not why it was given its name. Rather, this turtle owes its name to the wooden appearance of its shell as it ages.

Facts about the Wood Turtle

  • A Wood Turtle can live up to 58 years when given excellent care. In the wild, they often live up to 50 years. 
  • Wood Turtles have attractive scutes, which show growth rings similar to the cross-section of a tree.
  • They are omnivores that eat animal matter and plants. Specifically, they look for fungi, berries, plants, worms, slugs, snails, and insects.
  • Wood Turtles stamp their feet deliberately on the ground, causing an Earthquake that brings Earthworms to the surface. Therefore, the Wood Turtle easily snaps and eats the worms.
  • They attain sexual maturity when they are 17 years old.
  • Like any reptile, the Wood Turtles are ectotherms. Therefore, they can regulate their body temperature and rely on the environment to warm them up.
  • Female Wood Turtles lay around 3 to 18 eggs every breeding season.
  • The main threats of the Wood Turtle include Skunks, Foxes, humans, and Raccoons.
  • Wood Turtles move slowly but slightly faster than other turtle species.
  • A baby turtle is known as a hatchling.
  • Wood Turtles can be kept as pets because they are friendly and calm.


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