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White-Faced Capuchin

November 5, 2021

Today’s animal of the day is the White-Faced Capuchin—a medium-sized monkey native to Central America. Also found in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and even Argentina. The White-Faced Capuchin has one of the widest home regions of any new world monkey.

Fun Facts:

  • A baby White-Faced Capuchin becomes independent when they are between 4 and 7 years old.
  • In captivity, the White-Faced Capuchin can live as long as 54 years.
  • That lifespan may be cut in half in the wild, where conditions are more dangerous.
  • The White-Faced Capuchin is a sociable animal and often lives in a mixed-sex group of 18-20 monkeys.
  • To earn each other’s trust, you might see two White-Faced Capuchins smelling each other’s hands.
  • Female monkeys typically stay with the group they were born into.
  • Male monkeys often leave to find their own group around age 4-7.
  • The White-Faced Capuchin polygamous animals, taking on multiple partners at once.
  • White-Faced Capuchins survive on a diet of primarily nuts, fruits, and insects.
  • When possible, the monkeys will eat other invertebrates, including squirrels and birds.
  • Large snakes, jaguars, and harpy eagles are examples of White-Faced Capuchin predators.
  • White-Faced Capuchins are carriers of malaria and microfilaria, making them a danger to humans.


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