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January 1, 2022

The whippet is a dog breed of medium sizes that, although small greyhound-like dogs have been around since ancient times, was first referred to by name in 1610. They became popular across England as small hunting dogs, and in 1891 the breed was given recognition by the Kennel Club.

Whippets As Pets

A whippet, although it does make a good pet, does require particular care. Quiet and sensitive, they like quiet time, so they are not usually suitable to be constantly around small children. However, whippets are great around older children. They also require at least an hour of exercise each day and will need some off-leash times as they really love to run.

Whippet Racing

Whippets began to be bred for racing in the mid-nineteenth century, and the sport became very popular. Colliers in Yorkshire and Lancashire referred to whippets as poor man’s racehorses. The sport persists through to the present day, although it isn’t as popular as greyhound racing.

Fun Facts

  • Whippets were known as the poor man’s greyhound, especially in Northern England, where only the more affluent classes had greyhounds.
  • Whippets are very fast and have been recorded at speeds of up to 35mph.
  • Whippets are a very lean breed with low body fat, so they need to wear coats when outdoors in the winter.


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