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Welsh Corgi

January 2, 2022

The Welsh Corgi is a small dog originally bred for herding in Wales, made famous by HRH Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who has owned over 30 of the Pembrokeshire sub-breed. The other, less popular breed is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

As herders, they were bred to herd cattle and would nip at the animals’ heels to keep them on the move. Their name is derived from the Welsh for ‘dwarf dog,’ and they are thought to have been in the area for at least a thousand years, although the overall appearance of the breed may have changed a little over that time.

Welsh Corgis As Pets

Corgis make excellent pets, as they are generally fun-loving, happy dogs. Unfortunately, due to their breeding as herders may occasionally nip at the heels of small children, but training and socialization can help with this. As they are usually willing to please, training is not difficult.

As a breed that was originally a working dog, they require a lot of exercise, although they are susceptible to hip problems, which may affect how they are exercised. Usually, one hour of walking each day will suffice.

Fun Facts

  • The older of the two breeds is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
  • The kennel club put the two breeds together until 1925, when the two distinct varieties were recognized.
  • According to Welsh legend, Corgis are an enchanted breed ridden by elves.


  1. Jean T. Penny

    Dear Matilda,
    I have owned corgis since the early 1960s. Have had two Pembrokes & two Cardigans. My current corgi (a Cardigan rescue named Cassia) is 13 yrs 7 months. I have had her since age 7 when the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Rescue Trust approached me about adopting her from a kennel that was being dismantled following the death of the owner/breeder. I take slight umbrage at your reference to Cardigans as “the other, less popular breed.” They are comparatively rarer, but I can tell you first hand they are equally as smart & lovable as their smaller Pembroke cousins. My current Cardi girl has been been an absolute godsend who has seen me through the loss of my husband of 50 years, selling our family home, & relocating to a condo in a retirement community. She was deathly ill with hepatitis (unknown etiology) several months back & much to my surprise–because she is shy with strangers–she became the darling of the animal hospital where she was admitted for several days. The staff came out to the car when I picked her up to tell me how much they would miss her. One of the vets commented how much Cassie loved her pain meds & how playful & affectionate she became with the staff & other “patients” after being medicated. I can only surmise she learned this from me after my evening wine! She is just a treasure & having had both Pems AND Cardis, I wish you has said Cardi’s were “the older, less common” breed. Also…FYI, Cardis are decidedly less “nippy” than Pems, no doubt due to the absence of Spitz (notorious biters) among their ancestors. Sorry, couldn’t resist weighing in.

  2. Sepi

    Looks so sweet 🥰

  3. Cooky Silverman

    We had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who was a wonderful dog. We miss her. I wanted to get another Corgi but I wanted a rescue so we now have a sweet Beagle.🐶

    • Stancy Armstrong

      Any dog makes a wonderful pet and these Welsh Corgis are proof of that! How devoted the owners are!

  4. Cooky Silverman

    We had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and she was a wonderful dog. We miss her,

  5. Dan Johnson

    I wish I could give all the dogs and cats a home that needs one. I love all the animals that need a home. God Bless the people that adopt the animals that need a home and someone to love them.

  6. Renee Dundas

    Would love to adopt a rescue dog. Is there a rescue place that help Corgi’s?

  7. Carmela Bozulich

    My husband & I had a Corgi, a Pembroke, I got her from the breeder. She was returned because apparently she didn’t get along with some members of the family who bought her…and the breeder, who’s a friend, asked me if I’d take her, we had no kids and no other dogs. I did, as a present for my husband. Brandy was the very best dog we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a few before & since. She was smart, loving, playful, and she could catch a frisbee as good as any long legged dog out there. She was a red-headed tricolor, with expressive eyes and a big Corgi smile. And smart–I swear when we would talk to her she understood every word we said. She had a problem with the doggy door initially, until she finally got used to it and let herself in and out no problem. I highly recommend the breed…and the puppies are the cutest on the planet, imho


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