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The Horn Shark

January 30, 2022

Horn Sharks are small sharks that belong to the bullhead family. The Horn Sharks move slowly, and they scavenge close to the shore and return to their original resting place daily.

Here is more information about the Horn Shark. 

Fascinating facts about the Horn Shark

  • The Horn Shark is sensitive to strong light.
  • It lives its entire life hiding in dark waters, crevices and shadows.
  • The Horn sharks reside within approximately 11,000 square feet within which it wanders and feeds.
  • Some Horn Sharks rarely leave their region of residence the whole of their lives.
  • The Horn Shark moves by pushing its body along the bottom with its firm fins.
  • People keep the Horn Shark in aquariums across the United States.
  • San Antonio Aquarium and Oregon Coast Aquarium are Aquariums with Horn sharks.

The Horn Shark Appearance

You can easily identify the Horn Shark from its sharp spines, blunt head, long mouth, and curved snout. It also has prominent ridges above the eyes, which look like horns. While some Horn Sharks have a brown back with white spots, others are gray. The Horn Shark has a yellowish underside to camouflage within rocks and dirt.

The Horn Shark measures up to 4 feet in length, but it’s typical size is 3 feet long and 20 pounds. Male and female Horn Sharks grow around a similar size and have a similar appearance.

Horn Shark Distribution

The Horn Sharks are sparsely distributed along the coasts of California and Mexico. Species of the Horn Shark have also been seen in Ecuador and Peru.

Horn Shark Habitats

The Horn Sharks reside among the seaweed beds or the rocky outcrops in shallow waters around 26 to 40 feet deep. However, the Horn Sharks can move out into the deep waters depending on the prevailing climatic conditions.


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