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Tenterfield Terrier

February 8, 2022

The Tenterfield Terrier is a confident little dog that is similar to the Miniature Fox Terrier and Rat Terrier. The original working dogs arrived in Australia with the early English settlers.

By the late 1800s, a breed known as “Mini Foxies” was prevalent throughout rural Australia. They were popular on farms as they were small enough to chase vermin out of their burrows, yet strong and agile enough to jump up onto the back of the farmer’s horse. They became popular in urban households by the 1920s.

Fun Facts:

  • The Tenterfield Terrier came from two breeds the English settlers brought into the country. Ratting dogs were introduced to control the vermin that arrived with the settlers’ ships. Fox Terriers were introduced for hunting the red foxes that were also introduced by the English. Australian farmers wanted a dog that could do both, so the breeds were combined.
  • The dogs were known as Mini Foxies until the breed was formally recognized in 1992. The name had to be changed as modern breeds cannot be named after an existing breed.
  • Tenterfield is a rural town in northern New South Wales. The town was made famous in a song by Peter Allen about his grandfather George Woolnough. George was rumored to be a prolific breeder of the dog, and some believe the Tenterfield Terrier was named in honor of him.
  • The Tenterfield Terrier is one of the few true Australian dog breeds and is the only terrier with the natural bobtail gene.


  1. Sara J Hayes

    Im interested in this dog as well. I only want 1 more dog to keep my pug/yorkie company. I have big fenced in backyard.

  2. Peter E. Pope

    I’d love to get her. I’ve had a rat terrier until reciently. I sure miss her !
    Would love to have her to be my companion…
    Please add me to her list of people who want and need her.

  3. Gene

    Sounds like a good pet, given some action in life and lots of attention. Where could I
    find one??

  4. Annette Castles

    Glad To find Your Website.
    Queen Elizabeth ll has Decorgi Dogs.has Had 31 in her 96 yrs. She is 96 in April!!
    31 in 96 yrs..WOW




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