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Snowshoe Hare

November 22, 2021

Look Closely to See that Snowshoe Hare

The snowshoe is a species of hare that lives in boreal forests and other places with similar climates. Boreal forests cover a geographic area in the northern latitude where it is below freezing much of the year. This region circles the globe and is a primary carbon filter for the earth.

Snowshoe Hare Facts

  • Hares and rabbits, though closely related, are not the same animal. One key difference comes from birthing. Hares come out of the womb fully furred and ready to hop around in about an hour. In contrast, rabbits are hairless and helpless animals when first born who need mothers for survival for the first two months of life.
  • Hares are herbivores, meaning they feed on plants. However, in contrast to rabbits that eat leafy-type plant tops, a hare’s diet is harsher because of roots, twigs, and bark.
  • Baby hares are leverets.
  • Hares have longer ears and legs than rabbits.
  • The snowshoe hare lives above ground in fallen trees and other ground-nesting places.
  • Unlike rabbits that prefer the social environments of families and groups, snowshoe hares are solitary creatures.
  • Snowshoe hares get their name from the large padded rear legs and paws that act as snowshoes as they move around above the snowpack.

A hallmark of a snowshoe hare is its ability to dramatically change its coat to help it hide from predators. From white in winter to splotchy brown, you might need to look close to see one.



  1. Ksren

    Omg, so cute!! We were thinking awhile back to get our adorable King Charles Spaniel mix doggie
    a bunny to play with but instead found a sweet rescue dog – mini pincher mix who turned out to be the best playmate and friend for our very anxious dog.
    Thank you for this site, we love all animals!

  2. Arlene Husman

    Very interesting site on this Hare site!!!

  3. Bobbi

    Thank You
    I found this very interesting
    Send more articles

  4. Sepi

    Very interesting! I always thought that they were rabbits.

    • Jerry

      I thought the same thing.

  5. Cate

    I have never seen a hare before… very interesting. I love how big the feet and front feet are. Amazing animal.

  6. Cate

    I have never seen a hare before… very interesting. I love how big the feet and front feet are. Amazing animal.

  7. Sherry Lansdell

    I also thought rabbits and hares were the same. This was very interesting and I learned something new today.

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