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Himalayan Marmot

March 6, 2022

The Himalayan is a marmot animal that belongs to the kingdom Animalia. The Himalayan Marmot belongs to the Mammalia class of species, Sciuridae family and genus Marmota. The Himalayan Marmot is among the highest living mammals globally and is popular in high altitudes. The Himalayan is an essential prey for many predatory birds and mammals.

Here is additional information that will enrich your understanding of the Himalayan Marmot.

Interesting Facts about Himalayan Marmot:

  • There are 14 species of marmots, and the Himalayan are among the most threatened species in the world.
  • The Himalayan live in the alpine grasslands closer to the Polar Regions. The Himalayan species are common in the Himalayan regions and the desert regions of east and south Asia countries.
  • The Himalayan Marmot can live for between 12-17 years.
  • They look like giant ground squirrels, and the Himalayan marmots are relatively short-furred.
  • The Himalayan Marmot is rufous gray; it has dark chocolate brown coats with contrasting yellow patches. It is largely yellow-bellied.
  • It is 45 to 67 cm long.
  • It can run at a speed of 6mph.
  • It weighs between 4 to 9.2kg.
  • The Himalayan is an herbivore that feeds on a vegetative diet.

The Habitat of Himalayan Marmot

The Himalayan Marmot is common between timberline and snowline areas. These animals prefer dry and open habitats such as deserts and alpine grassland. They also love places with proper vegetation to feed on. 

Himalayan Marmots dig out the burrows to live in. They can be found 4000m to the upper edge of the vegetated areas.

The Communication of the Himalayan Marmot

The Himalayan Marmot interacts through greeting behavior that entails nose to nose and nose to mouth. It also communicates through whistling and chirping. The Himalayans are very alert, and they respond immediately when they see predators and prey.


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