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November 11, 2021

Scientific Name: Diptera

The cycle of Life: The fly lives from fifteen to thirty days. They go through the four stages or cycles of life: egg, larva, pupae, and adult.

Food: They feed off of decaying food like rotting fruit, meat, vegetables, and feces. Flies drink nectar from flowers.

Color: Black

Size: The adult fly is 6 to7 mm. with a wingspan of 13 to 15 mm.

Habitat: The fly lives in all climates, both urban and suburban communities. They like to live wherever their food is near. Flies live all over the world. The only part of the world you will not see a fly is in Antarctica.


The fly swatter was invented in 1900 by Robert Montgomery.

Flies can taste with their feet using taste receptors

The fly has 2 fat food pads on their feet with hair on them that has a sticky substance made of sugar and oil. This means they can walk upside down.

They can process 250 images a second from their brain, which gives them a very fast reaction time. Humans have a reaction time of 60 images a second. This does explain why flies are so quick.


  1. Lynne Crew

    Wow 😮!!!
    Amazing! I had NO idea about any of that fly info!!!
    Interesting 🤨!!!

  2. Loretta

    I have a fly living in my apartment for over a month. I am unable to catch him it or kill it. I opened the windows to let it out but it likes it here. I tried to spray it but somehow it gets away. I guess it will be here until it dies. It got bigger, probably eating tiny crumbs or whatever.

  3. Sepi

    250 images a second…no wonder it’s so hard to catch them😁

  4. Doowopman

    A Fly is not an Animal !

  5. Georgia

    Difficult to beat a flyswatter despite your ability to process quickly

  6. Nancy Hamilton

    Yes, I agree this was a very informative and interesting article.

  7. Tammy

    A single fly can reek havoc in your home if they reproduce. They hatched and were everywhere for about a week. Gross and dirty.

  8. Dave

    I’ve heard that they take off backwards and therefore you can swat them easier from hitting them from behind, as they take off,,,Is this true?


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