January 22, 2022

You may be considering purchasing a Dalmatian as a gift for the household. Before you jump in and buy this pet, it’s good to know the facts about what Dalmations like to do, what they eat, where they live, and the size they can get. This way, your family will be more than prepared for what the near future will hold.

  • Instead of taking them on walks in your neighborhood, take them to a dog park so they can run freely and play. If you don’t, be prepared for the dog to chew up your belongings around your household. Don’t coop them up in the house without having playtime.
  • Dalmatians love attention. If you have children, this is the perfect pet for them.

What Do They Eat?

  • Dalmatians love fruits and vegetables such as cranberries and carrots.
  • They eat about twice a day, so you should feed them once in the morning and once at night.

Where Do They Live?

  • If you plan to have a Dalmatian, they live their best life in the country so they can run free.
  • You won’t see too many Dalmatians in the city because they are shy around people they don’t see every day (just like humans).

How Big Can They Get?

  • At the most, Dalmatians live approximately 13 years.
  • They can grow to be about 30 inches tall.

Now that you have uncovered all there is to know about Dalmatians, you can decide if having this kind of pet in your home is the right choice for your family.


  1. Mike

    Dalmatians definitely need room to run. They have to get the energy out daily. They are loving animals and very strong. If you don’t like animals or people in your personal space then opt for a different breed. They crave touch and gratification. Dark colors show “Dal Glitter” so opt for lighter colors to wear. But you’ll get used to the glitter eventually.
    I love my dog but wasn’t prepared at first for the digging and tearing up of furniture. We moved to a place where my Dal could run and he’s much happier now.

  2. Dan Johnson

    I have to dispute what the author of this post says what Dalmatians eat. Ask any Veternarians what is the best food to feed a dog and they will tell you it’s meat. Meat in their diet with a small amount of vegetables. Meat is the main ingredient for dog like creatures. I don’t know what credentials this person has but it is not in diets for dogs. I just wanted to chime in so people get the right info on this. God Bless everyone.


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