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Cross River Gorilla

January 19, 2022

Today’s animal of the day is the Cross River Gorilla. Here are some facts about these majestic creatures. 

Scientific Name: Gorilla gorilla diehli

Subspecies: Western Gorilla

Family: Hominidae

Lifespan: 35 to 50 years in the wild


Cross River Gorillas are 4.7-5.5 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 220 to 440 pounds. They have reddish-brown hair on their head and brown hair over their whole body, except for their hands, feet, and face, where no hair grows.


The largest concentration of their diet is whatever fruit is available. Their diet is seasonal, so vegetation is also important. Other common staples include stems, leaves, bark, ants and termites. 


The only place in the world they can be found is in the mountain region between Nigeria and Cameroons in Africa. 

Unfortunately, Cross River Gorillas are quickly losing their home due to logging and cattle grazing initiatives. As a result, they are considered critically endangered. There are less than 300 Cross River Gorillas left in the world. 

Fun Facts

  • The Guinness Book of World Records has recorded a gorilla lifting 1,800 pounds (0.82 t).
  • Infant care is practiced until the age of three or four. All attention is focused on the infant. There is no breeding for these years.
  • The oldest gorilla lives in the Berlin Zoo and is 64 years old. Her name is Fatou.
  • Cross River Gorillas have been observed throwing handfuls of grass and vocal objections at human researchers when they get too close.


  1. Mary Tracy

    Beautiful picture of a loving parent..

  2. Sandra Kubany

    That’s so sad. Only 300 left. Can’t someone step in and do something? I’m at a loss for words.

  3. Ron

    Losing their habitat for what ? Beef and wood… both of which have alternative and superior replacements. Insane!

  4. Sepi Abed

    All animals deserve to live a happy life, just as humans do.

  5. Paula K

    So sad the only 300 are left. What a mess humans are making of this once-beautiful animal.populated planet!!

  6. Paula K

    So sorry only 300 are left!

  7. Paula K

    Sorry state of gorilla affairs!

  8. Ed Barys

    What a shame they are Beautiful animal. When are they going to wake up when it’s too late. How sad!!!!

  9. Ann Downey

    The devastation man has reeked on all specie of living creatures is beyond words.
    To loose another sub-group like the Cross River Gorillas is just another story in man’s history of the planet.
    As all can see the devastation continues with logging and cattle, without a care to their habitat.
    Unfortunately it will be too late before the human specie wakes to his own sins of continuing to eliminate all specie, including his own.
    This, I’m sure is our future, as in all the excellence of humankind, save the one.
    He is blind.


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